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09-Dec-19 ZK-HPB Airbus AS350B2 White Island, New Zealand

Aircraft badly damaged by ash while parked on volcanic island during eruption.  Main blades snapped under the weight of ash – photo


Eight NZ operators join to launch National Helicopter Pass

Seeing New Zealand from above is a one of the best ways to view its stunning scenery and New Zealand has a superb range of scenic flights available nationwide. A group of like minded helicopter tourism operators have worked together to form a Nationwide Helicopter Experience Pass. Initiated and managed by the team at Heliview Flights in… Read more »

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24-Feb-13 ZK-HAD Robinson R44 Lake Rotorua, New Zealand

Witnesses heard a loud bang before the R44 on a scenic tour made an emergency landing in the lake.  Helicopter remained upright in less than 1m of water.  All 4 POB exited safely