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Wales – Funding for Prince Charles Hospital helipad

Wales – Funding for Prince Charles Hospital helipad

Prince Charles Hospital in Merthyr Tydfil has received £700,000 by the Welsh Government for a new helipad. The old helipad was unsuitable for night flights, reports ITV. The new development will allow for 24 hour care for all patients. The new helipad is hoped to be completed by March 2017.

Source:, 25-Nov-16

UK – Change of control at Cardiff Heliport

UK – Change of control at Cardiff Heliport

The BBC is today reporting that Cardiff Heliport has new operators, with Roy Steptoe and Hugh Evans having signed a 50-year lease.  Mr Steptoe is the owner of Caernarfon Airport at the opposite end of Wales, and also owns fixed wing operator Air Caernarfon and North Wales Air Academy.  Mr Evans owns an Agusta-Bell JetRanger… Read more »

Source:, 11-Apr-16 advertising space - 240x100 Pixels
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Welsh EMS helipads get night upgrades

Welsh EMS helipads get night upgrades

A number of hospitals in Wales have existing helicopter landing sites but only three currently support 24-hour-a-day landings – Ysbyty Gwynedd, in Bangor; Ysbyty Glan Clwyd, in Rhyl and Morriston Hospital, in Swansea. The £180,000 investment announced today means helicopter landing sites, which have already been cleared for day landings, will become available for night… Read more »

Source: Welsh, 02-Feb-15

UK – Patriot Aerospace buys Veritair Aviation

UK – Patriot Aerospace buys Veritair Aviation

Patriot Aerospace has announced the acquisition of Cardiff-based commercial helicopter charter specialist Veritair Aviation. The deal, which underlines Patriot’s determination to form a credible UK alternative to the foreign owned companies currently dominating the commercial helicopter sector, sees Sir Peter Rigby’s aviation group acquire a significant majority share in the Cardiff Heliport operator. Enabling Patriot’s expansion to incorporate police… Read more »

Source: Patriot Aerospace, 18-Apr-12

RAF Valley to stop night time rescue flights in North Wales

RAF Valley to stop night time rescue flights in North Wales

Life-saving search and rescue helicopter crews from RAF Valley will halt night time rescues while new crews are trained up.  The Ministry of Defence has announced a six week suspension to night shifts by 22 Squadron, with cover provided by neighbouring bases  RAF Valley will close overnight from 15 November until 31 December.

Source: Daily Post, 05-Nov-09

Laser-shining teen faces police helicopter crew under restorative justice programme

A teenager who endangered the lives of a police helicopter crew by shining a laser pen at the aircraft has apologised in person to them.

Source: BBC, 27-Oct-09

Wales Air Ambulance Launches New Aircraft for North Wales

WALES AIR AMBULANCE is unveiling its ‘new generation’ helicopter for North Wales at a special launch in Caernarfon town square, on Tuesday 8 September at 2pm. The EC-135 purpose-built air ambulance will make a spectacular landing outside Caernarfon Castle to mark a new chapter in the history of the charity.

Source: Wales Air Ambulance, 03-Sep-09

A109 simulator added at Cardiff Heliport

The simulator is built into a real Agusta 109 helicopter that had a bit of a “heavy” landing!!  We have removed the engine, rotor blades, tail rotor and lot of other bits. The cockpit is identical to the A109 and all the knobs, buttons, switches, controls, seats, seat belts, radios, gauges, dials are the same… Read more »

Source: FlyQ, 02-Sep-09

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Veritair launches helicopter pilot training academy

Source: Wales Online, 25-Jun-09

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Pegasus PH200PJ Helicopter To Be Produced In Wales

Source: Western Mail, 21-Feb-09

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Wales Air Ambulance flies its 10,000th mission

Source: County Times, 12-Feb-09

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