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23-Apr-15 Harbin Z-9AE Douala, Cameroon

Photos show tail missing and helicopter partly on its side with starboard gear collapsed and main blades broken.  Aircraft was involved in practice flights for Cameroon’s National Day on 20th May.  2 POB to hospital but released within 2 days.


14-Jul-14 Harbin Z-9 Dangkor, Cambodia (5F)

Five military trainees killed and one seriously injured.  The helicopter was one of 12 helicopters Cambodia bought from China last year to boost its military capacity.

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Bolivia orders six helicopters from China

Bolivia orders six helicopters from China

The Government of Bolivia has reportedly signed a contract for six AVIC H425 helicopters for the Bolivian Army – the H425 is a development of the Harbin Z-9, the Chinese version of Eurocopter’s Dauphin/Panther.  The purchase will form part of a bilateral cooperation agreement between China and Bolivia. Antonio Cueto Calderón, headof the Bolivian Army… Read more »

Source:, 04-Jan-12

China finds export market for Z-9W

China finds export market for Z-9W

China has delivered several Harbin Z-9W helicopters, the attack variant of its Z-9 utility rotorcraft, to overseas customers.

Source: Flightglobal, 19-Nov-10