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Heli-Sport starts deliveries of the CH-77 Ranabot

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Heli-Sport starts deliveries of the CH-77 Ranabot

22 May, 12

Heli-Sport has just announced that initial deliveries of their side-by-side two-seat CH-77 Ranabot were made approximately a month ago to customers in their native Italy.  Next deliveries are expected to be to France and the Czech Republic - and Heli-Sport is actively working with the dealers in those countries, who will be responsible for assembly, construction, regulation, adjustment and testing of the CH-77.

Engine options - Rotax 914

Length - 7.05m
Height - 2.35m
Rotor Diameter - 6.28m

Standard fuel - 30 litres
Auxiliary fuel - 34 litres

Max weight - 500kg
Empty weight - 285kg
Payload - 215kg

Cruise Speed - 160 kmh

VNE - 200 kmh

Consumption - 15-18 litres per hour

Jeremy Parkin -

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