Updated WZ-10 Combat Choppers for China

Updated WZ-10 Combat Choppers for China 20 Sep, 16, Source: HeliHub.com

China has updated several of their WZ-10 combat helicopters, which have been serving as anti-tank warfare for 4 years, to be equipped for air to air combat. The choppers have been equipped with cannons, guided missiles and machine guns. These updated WZ-10s have been delivered to a unit of the PLA’s 13th Group Army, adding to their fleet of WZ-9 and WZ-19’s.

As reported by Sputnik News, aviation specialist Wu Peixin has said that the army would now benefit from medium-lift, multipurpose helicopters similar to the Sikorsky UH-60 Black Hawk, which the US Army currently uses.

The government would like to increase their fleet from 1000 aircraft to 3000. In the aims of growing their fleet, they have also begun testing the stealth fighter J-20 aircraft. Two have been built, with six more in progress.

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