Classic Helicopters to deliver a new level of safety and service to their community partners

Classic Helicopters to deliver a new level of safety and service to their community partners 20 Dec, 16, Source: Classic Helicopters

Classic Air Medical and Part 135 service provider Classic Helicopters has signed a Letter Of Intent with Outerlink Corp to equip their fleet with the next generation IRIS system.  The IRIS system will add voice, video and flight data recording along with a satellite based broadband Push To Talk (PTT) Voice Over IP (VOIP) radio and high frequency tracking system. The IRIS voice, video and flight data recorder far exceeds the FAA HAA rule requirements and the PTT satellite-based VOIP radio allows them to maintain constant voice communications across their wide geographic area of operations throughout the western U.S.

Where Classic has always been a very safety conscious company, they see the IRIS system as the most flexible tool as they continue to move forward. “We have always maintained a consistent path to improve safety as we were early adopters of NVG’s and keep our fleet up to date with new aircraft such as the new Bell 407GXP that will be added early next year. The flight following system was incorporated in 2005 and was state of the art at that time with 2-minute reporting but we see the IRIS 10-second reporting along with its comprehensive constant monitoring of all the aircraft cautions and warnings as the path to the future” said Adam West, Chief Pilot of Classic Helicopters. “The IRIS system removes the VHF range limitation and the digital hardware and satellite service prepare us for the future and ensure our investment can adapt to an ever changing world.”

The digital IRIS PTT system allows customers to only be billed for the Voice Over IP data they send.  Basically this means they only pay for “what they speak” and not for “what they hear”, no matter how many people or aircraft are logged into the system. It is a virtual unlimited range VHF radio that is completely controlled as a private and secure frequency.

“Classic is a leading edge helicopter and airplane operator that recognized the value in the communications and the flight data monitoring aspects of the IRIS system. They patiently waited for the right digital platform to meet their far reaching safety and operational needs,” said Jeff Warner, Director of Sales and Marketing. “We created IRIS with a multitude of different capabilities in one system and more importantly, we built it as a platform that can grow with the customer’s needs without having to replace the equipment.”

The high frequency 10-second position reporting, backfilled to the second, allows for more accurate information about every aspect of Classic’s mission. Each position report carries the prior 10-second history of every caution and warning light on the aircraft, plus up to five virtual live customer selectable parameters.

“We can now provide an entirely new level of safety at a fraction of the cost of sending data on existing tracking systems,” said Warner. “The customer and safety centric focus at Classic `makes IRIS the perfect fit.”


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