Metro Hires Director of Customer Revenue Cycle Support

Metro Hires Director of Customer Revenue Cycle Support 1 Feb, 17, Source: Metro Aviation

Metro Aviation has experienced steady growth over the last 35 years, but has remained committed to supporting its existing customers first and foremost.  That commitment has led to three new employees over the past two years that serve to directly support Metro’s family of operations customers.  Metro is proud to welcome Holly Weber as the Director of Customer Revenue Cycle Support and is excited about what she will bring to the table.

“Holly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to our customer relations team,” said Metro Director of Business Integration Todd Stanberry.  “She is well-versed in billing solutions, revenue cycle management and workflow efficiency.  These skill sets compliment Becky Ross’ and Eveline Bisson’s (our Directors of Transport Business Services) perfectly and will provide our customers the very best resources at their fingertips.”

Holly’s background includes Vice President of Business Development and Transformation for Syncordia Technologies and Healthcare Solutions (formerly Health Services Integration), where she led the client retention, business development and marketing teams.  She has experience with flight communications, dispatching, revenue cycle management and the inner workings of a communication center.  With all of this experience, she understands the complexities and challenges that air medical programs face on a daily basis from multiple views.

Stanberry added, “Holly, together with Eveline, Becky and Metro’s upper management, will work closely with each of Metro’s family members on an individual and value-added basis to determine the best solutions for the multitude of challenges they face.  Though Metro’s family of air medical programs all share the commonality of being traditional, they each have unique situations that require a highly customized approach when shaping go-forward strategies for their respective futures.  Respecting this fact, we are confident and very excited that – having rounded out the ‘dream team’ of subject matter experts with Holly – we can equip each of our hospital and air medical partners with every tool they need to continually improve, both operationally and financially.”

Holly earned a Master of Business Administration Degree from Plymouth State College.  She also holds an Executive Leadership Certificate and Executive Management Certificate from the University of Notre Dame’s Mendoza College of Business, and is a Certified Ambulance Coder (CAC) through the National Association of Ambulance Coders (NAAC).  Holly is an avid competitor in short-distance triathlons, a fan of many sports, the arts, theater and even the opera.  Metro is thrilled and honored to have Holly join the family.

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