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Avionics Focus Is Helo Safety

Source: Avionics Magazine, 02-Feb-09

Crashes prompt search for safer ride to Gulf of Mexico oil rigs

Source: Houston Chronicle, 02-Feb-09

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AAMS Representatives to Testify in NTSB Helicopter Safety Hearings

Source: Vertical Magazine, 31-Jan-09

Improving Air Medical Safety – A Matter of Life or Death

Source: Vertical Magazine, 31-Jan-09

NTSB Determines Pilot’s Failure to See and Avoid Caused 2007 News Helicopter Collision

Source: NTSB, 28-Jan-09

Air Medical Service Industry Offers Safety Recommendations to NTSB

Source: AAMS, 23-Jan-09

NTSB To Meet On Phoenix News Gathering Helicopters Accident

Source: NTSB, 22-Jan-09

Bell Helicopter Delivers First Nine Safety Enhancement Program OH-58Ds Ahead of Contract

Source: Textron, 16-Jan-09

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NTSB To Release Public Dockets On Nine Fatal Helicopter EMS Accidents; Four Of Them Contain A Probable Cause

Source: NTSB, 13-Jan-09

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NTSB Investigating Crash Of Helicopter Flying To Oil Platform

Source: NTSB, 06-Jan-09

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